Monday, August 12, 2013


Sigh. It's tough being a girl sometimes. It's sometimes tough being the mama of a girl. She only meant to "help me" by doing her hair. Probably a bit of vanity thrown in there too because this one really likes to look pretty... and have others say so! We keep pointing her back to the wisdom that it's the heart that must be her focus, though outward beauty is important to God too. Just not obsession with it. ;)

Thankfully, we were able to free her hair without too many tears!


Lauren said...

Heather! Thank you for your sweet comment on our latest precious one's birth story post. I'm so glad you commented, especially because I think of you often and somehow lost your email address a long time back. Congrats and prayers coming your way for your new little girl. What an exciting time! I just spent a little too much time reading back through pages and pages of your blog, it's good to "catch up." :) Hope you have a lovely week!

Tully Family said...

Thanks, Lauren! One of these days we've got to meet in person!